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1. ANGER MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP. This workshop is primarily for women and men who inappropriately express their anger toward strangers (eg. road rage, bar fights). Could be used for “diversion” purposes. The workshop is available via Zoom or Skype. Instructor: Dr. Jerry Arthur-Wong, RCC

Workshop date: to be arranged

Workshop Fee: $100.00 (2 hours)

2. ANGER MANAGEMENT COURSE. A positive approach to dealing with conflict and anger in a healthy way. (See course outline on a separate page.) Focuses upon assisting men through these periods in a supportive non-judgmental fashion. Women may also take the course. The course is available via Zoom or Skype. Instructor: Dr. Jerry Arthur-Wong, RCC. For inquiries about the course, email the instructor at [email protected]

Course Fee: $55-$95/session

3. RESPECTFUL RELATIONSHIPS COUNSELLING. Seven individual counselling sessions focusing on developing healthier relationships through exploration of topics including self-esteem, attitudes toward women, sex and intimacy, alcohol and drugs in relationships, boundaries, empathy, listening skills, conflict resolution, and assertiveness. Counsellor: Dr. Jerry Arthur-Wong, RCC

Cost: $55-$95/session

4. ENDING PARTNER ABUSE. This 26-session course is for individuals with ongoing or long-standing difficulties with anger and aggression in intimate relationships. Topics covered include forms of abuse, power and control, gender roles, non-threatening behaviour, respect, trust and support, honesty and accountability, and negotiation and fairness. Individual format. The course is also available via Zoom or Skype. Instructor: Dr. Jerry Arthur-Wong, RCC

Course day/time: to be arranged 

Course Fee: $35/session

5. FATHERS WITHOUT CUSTODY/ACCESS group. No longer offered.

**** ACCESS DENIAL: To view an excellent video on one father's challenge go to and type in "angelina ongoing abuse."

**** ACCESS DENIAL: To read an article and view videos on access denial go to

**** The provincial government of BC solicited feedback on its Family Law White Paper. To read it go to

**** The provincial government of BC is proposing changes to the Family Relations Act. Read Bill 16 at

**** Fathers in court:

**** Parental Abductions: